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Amazing places receive dollop of awesome

A grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op will allow easier access to several Amazing Places.

Parry Sound North Star

PARRY SOUND – The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve has received a grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op to improve infrastructure and access to several of the Amazing Places.

Ten Amazing Places were nominated by the public to showcase special features of the Georgian Bay Biosphere region. The program wants to connect people to nature, and is developing a route with community partners to encourage people to get outside and experience the 30,000 Islands area.

The $14,368 from MEC will go towards signage, bike racks, and trails to enhance access to Amazing Place locations. Partners at each place will install trailhead signs that highlight activities year-round, natural wonders, and cultural history.

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Help others – Leave a comment about a trail!

Got a comment about a trail? Got Facebook? Leave information for others on any one of 2600 trails in Ontario on our trail pages! For example see: In this case some folks help others with information about parking. Thanks

Shirley Rose

I would love to go to the lake and walk around but unless I live right by the lake there is nowhere to park to get to the lake. Does anybody go to this lake that doesn’t live right beside it because it seems to be right in the middle of apartment buildings, townhouses and houses where there is no parking. How do I get to go to the lake and where do I park so I can do this?
Craig D Tibbits ·

If you park at meadowvale towncenter close to the bus terminal. There is a path from the bus terminal that leads right into the ” aquitaine loop ” trail as i call it. Walk my dog there all the time. Its great. Walk across the field where the busses pick up passengers. And the path leads to a tunnel with beautiful murals and past the community center and voila your at lake aquitaine. Enjoy.
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Issues with Landowners in the News

From the Manitoulin Expositor April 5th, 2016


ONTARIO—Patrick Connor, executive director of the Ontario Trails Council, is sick and tired of the fear mongering tactics of the Ontario Landowners’ Association (OLA) when it comes to Bill 100, the Supporting Ontario Trails Act, 2015 and the havoc it’s wreaking on trails of all kinds across the province.

Mr. Connor said that despite Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Michael Coteau releasing statements to try and quell the fears of landowners on what this bill actually means (including to this newspaper) and even OLA founder Randy Hillier coming forward to state that Bill 100 is not what it’s being made out to be, “the OLA is not listening to what anyone in a position of authority is saying.”

“While there might be some concerns, people just don’t understand the legal wording,” he added. Mr. Connor pointed to last week’s article in The Expositor (‘Bill 100 interpretation sees closure of two main snowmobile trails ahead of next season,’ Page 1) as a case in point. In the story, it states that one Sandfield landowner has pulled his land from the Manitoulin Snowdusters snowmobile trial system due to wording in Bill 100 over ‘special trails.’ “They are not special trails, they are trails of distinction,” Mr. Connor explained. “They are special, but not in the fact that the minister is going to take someone’s property away from them.” He explained that trails of distinction are ones of some note, such as the Georgian Bay Coastal Trail.


Join Us for Trails Talk

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Join us every other Tuesday at 1pm EST for a lively half hour discussion on trail issues of importance to the trails community.

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November 10, 2015 – Trail Accessibility – what you need to know and how we can add your accessible trail to our website.

November 24, 2015 – Northern Ontario Trails, trails tourism and about projects we have underway in the north.

December 8, 2015 – Trail Committees, what they are, what they do and where they are in Ontario.

December 22th, 2015 – Festive Trails – how to get your events on the OTC website, what events you have on and how we can let more people know about all the great stuff happening on Ontario Trails.

January 5th, 2016 – Kinghorn Trail Association – all about the development of this important northern trail with Kirsten Spence.

January 12th, 2016 – Land Acquisition – with Robert Orland and Kate Potter of Orland Conservation, on land acquisiton issues, how to secure land for trails, or offer your land for trails from a landowner perspective.

January 19th, 2016 – Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations – with Thomas Allgoewer – a half hour discussion about how to facilitate your organization goals and objectives through fundraising efforts.

February 2nd, 2016 – Edge Auditor – the program that helps you know and log in all the facts about your trail, with Niall Lobely.

February 16th, 2016 – Explorer’s Edge – all about the great trails in RTO 12 with James Murphy of Explorer’s Edge.

March 1, 2016 – The Georgian Bay Coast Trail – who supports it, what is happening and all about our spring community meeting in Killarney. With Luke Wassesgijig and Kirsten Spence.

March 15, 2016 – Trans Canada Trail – with Jane Murphy and Al McPherson. You’ve heard about it, how is it progressing? How can you support it?

March 29, 2016 – Hiking, what is it? Who does it? What you need to know about community programs, and trail leadership programs – with Bill Mungall

April 12th, 2016 – Trail Building – are you interested? What is trail building all about? Who does it and the skills you need, with stories from trail builder Zane Davies.


University of Waterloo Study Promotes Trail

Georgian Bay Coast Trail
A view of the water from the Georgian Bay Coast Trail

Quoted from – The Georgian Bay Coast Trail: Utilizing Case Studies to ensure Implementation of Sustainable Trail development within the Georgian Bay Littoral Biosphere Reserve by Breanne Card

“This report is a comprehensive look at the theory and practice of how a coastal trail system, embedded within a protected area, can bring sustainable economic and community development to the surrounding region. The purpose of this study was to research past practice, define the terms and issues, and assemble recommendations for use in the development of a sustainable coastal trail system along the eastern shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario. Both the West Coast Trail (WCT) and the Bruce Trail have achieved world recognition for their success and were thus chosen as the two major case studies for this report. In addition to their international reputation: their coastal characteristics; general topography; and the similarity of organizational challenges made them ideal models for the Georgian Bay Coast Trail concept. Both of the established trails provide valuable insights that will assist the Georgian Bay Coast Trail advisory committee to create a sustainable coastal trail within the UNESCO Georgian Bay Littoral Biosphere Reserve.”

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